Learn more about strategic planning and how to integrate it in your daily operations. You’ll also explore out-of-the-box “disruptive strategies” that consider unexpected outcomes while managing risk. You will build your personalized Strategy Toolkit with information on:

  • What an effective strategic plan is.
  • Which strategic planning styles work best for different situations.
  • What checks and balances must be considered in a strategic plan.
  • How successful strategic thinkers think.
  • If you are considering a radical plan, what’s your “disruption” strategy? How do you deliver it? And how do you manage the outcomes?


Who Should Attend and Why?

If you play a role in the construction industry—from trades woman to team member to project leader—the AIM 2024 Forum will explore how strategy guides every aspect of your personal day, your work, and your future. You will take away a “Strategy Toolkit” to better prepare for what lies ahead in your professional and personal journey.

The 2024 AIM Forum will be taking place in-person on Thursday, March 21, 2024 at the NYC College of Technology. This full-day program will consist of a series of breakout sessions that will engage leaders in the construction industry.